Honda CRX - VTec Kicks in and BLOWS CAR UP!!!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Honda CRX – VTec Kicks in and BLOWS CAR UP!!!

We know about a million punchlines for when Vtec kicks in, but this video allows us to take it a step further and visualize the situation via a Honda CRX. We’re not sure that this actually had anything to do with Vtec, it looks more like a misuse of nitrous, but for the sake of the joke we’ll play along.

When this unsuspecting racer takes off, his car literally explodes! Normally we’ll just hear a boom and see fluids dripping from the bottom of the engine compartment, but this time the engine literally comes flying out of the front of the car!

Check it out in the video below and give us your diagnosis of what happened.

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