[HOONIGAN] DT 032: Fixing the $350 E36 (cue "Un-Break My Hert")

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The guys at Hoonigan post up new content each day with their Daily Transmissions, and while they usually spend some time introducing us to a friend and their car, sometimes they just cut up like a bunch of aimless kids. This episode is the latter, for sure.

The Hoonigans had picked up this E36 BWM for $350 got a little carried away with it, so the rear end needs to be fixed, like a lot. Since the car is such a low budget build, they decide too forego your traditional repair methods and instead simply drop a tow strap between the Bimmer and a forklift to serve as the chassis straightener. Surprisingly, it kind of works, sort of.

They do managed to massage the bumper out enough that the truck kind of closes, and then they take the car down for some donuts in the back yard, as per Daily Transmission tradition. Possibly the best part of the video is the mail lady’s decent attempt at throwing down the first burnout in the repaired BMW!