Hopefully They've Done This Before, Forklift Maneuver Doesn't Look Safe

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

I guess that, to a certain extent, even when you’re trying to carry out a job that could be rather dangerous, it could be argued that if the task gets done and nobody is injured, there is no harm and no foul, right? Well, I guess that maybe some people can apply that to their personal endeavors in the garage, however, when it comes to a professional job site, here in America, rules and regulations usually exist so that those involved in work don’t have to really think about their safety all that much as long as everybody else is doing their job properly.

Let’s just say that if OSHA, that organization that’ll make sure you’re safe here in the states, got their eyes on the situation, every single person who saw it would probably have an absolute heart attack as it looks like not one single thing that these folks did was by the book. Sure, the task was rather simple but without the proper equipment to get the job done, it looks like all involved had to try to come up with a solution that could work for them and get the task accomplished, even if it wasn’t the safest way to go about doing it, flipflops and all.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll catch up with a very sketchy situation that has a couple of guys driving forklifts hoisting a load off of a truck into the air and onto another truck. There are several times here where the load tips back and forth and you think it’s going to be a lost cause, however, it looks like these guys somehow managed to keep it all in check and get that load moved without a hitch.

We have to warn you that watching this one might just put your stomach in a knot!