HORRIBLE AC Cobra Crash With Multiple Flips!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

HORRIBLE AC Cobra Crash With Multiple Flips!

Today, we check out a little video pulled from an AC Cobra that is slightly terrifying to put it lightly. When approaching the “fastest part” of the track that he’s tearing around, this driver’s day turns bad in a hurry.

While traveling at 130mph, something breaks in the front end, causing the car to veer hard to the right. This then sends it into a slide and roll with what is one of the scariest crashes that we’ve witnessed in recent memory.

Check out the video below as all that the driver is able to do is pray and hold on for dear life as his body is hurled through the air and he’s helpless to stop it. Somehow, some way, he’s able to walk away from the incident!

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