How Fast is a 100% Stock Demon without a Demon Crate?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

I think that it goes without saying that the current hot topic in the world of automotive performance is none other than what Mopar is bringing to the table with the Dodge Demon. With all sorts of speculation being thrown around and people beginning to take to the track with these things, we’re finally getting to check out what they look like in the real world and how they perform across a variety of different situations as drivers take the steps necessary to get settled into and drive them to get the best possible performance out of them on the track.

With some new Demon owners still waiting on their Demon Crate to arrive, which houses some helpful go fast items, like a set of skinnies to replace the front wheels with in order to save some weight and the ever so important replacement computer that will allow the cars to run on higher octane fuel which will definitely help with performance, these drivers are currently testing what their car will do while in bone stock trim without any of these factory upgrades installed. The numbers might not be as impressive, obviously, as they will be when all of these parts fall into place, but it’s still very worth looking at as a baseline.

Follow along down in the video below and you’ll join the action from Maple Grove Raceway as a bone stock Demon, without the Demon Crate extras, is sent down the drag strip to see just what kind of times the owner will be able to get out of it. We have to say that with every step that we see out of these things, we get more and more impressed and we’re willing to bet our bottom dollar that the owner of this stunning blue Mopar product is so ready to install those factory option upgrades and get back to the track once again.