How Fast Is The Dodge DEMON on Pump 93, No Skinnies and No Transbrake?

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

If you can’t tell, we’re kind of in love with Dodge’s Challenger SRT Demon, the quarter mile monster that’s shattered records and won over the hearts of gearheads far and wide with its 800+ horsepower supercharged HEMI and factory-equipped drag radials. We were invited by the Demon team to test drive it ourselves last summer, where we found the car to be everything Dodge had promised and then some.

Aa most of you know, the car comes from the factory with a set of “skinnies” in the trunk. These narrow front wheels are designed to both lighten the weight on the nose of the car to help transfer weight rearward and reduce rotational mass as the car screams down the track. It’s also designed to run on 116-octane fuel, which allows the driver to tweak the tune and bump the power from up to an insane 840 HP without changing anything but the fuel in the tank. However, driving the car around town on skinnies with race gas in the tank isn’t exactly feasible for most reasonable drivers, so we’ve been asking ourselves “What would the Demon run in “daily drivable” configuration?”

And now we know. Dodge held a track day for all Demon owners a couple of months back in Louisiana and one owner of a great looking Green Demon decided to make a pass running 93 octane pump gas and the “regular” wider wheels and tires bolted onto the front. This puts the car at “only” 808 horsepower and adds weight to the nose, but would be the most likely configuration the car would be in while driving around town, so now we know if we happen to run up on a Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, or honestly just about any other car you might encounter, at a stop light in this low key configuration, you’re still sitting in a car capable of running 10.70 in the quarter at just a tick under 130 MPH.

That, my friends, will get the job done just about anytime against any other stock or even mildly-modified car, in a car that’s surprisingly easy to drive.