How Insane is the High School Car Scene in Dubai?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

I can almost remember it like it was yesterday. When you have the pleasure of rolling up in the parking lot of in your very own set of wheels, it’s an incredibly exciting feeling. For me, it was a supercharged Pontiac Grand Prix as my first car that would deliver me to and from school and, to be honest, I thought that I was nothing short of the coolest guy on the planet at the time. I also remember, as you probably do if you’re a car guy, some of the other vehicle selection that you would find around the high school parking lot.

Outside of a select few who had parents with a little bit of money, most of the cars could probably be found on the used car bargain lot but that was okay because as long as we had a reliable set of wheels, most high schoolers would be absolutely content.

However, in a culture where money is much more common to come by, do think that everybody would be rolling around in vehicles that just get the job done and nothing more? On the flipside of that coin, does every single kid have a car that’s worth as much as the average American house?

I think the answer would be a little bit of a mix of both but, instead of guessing from the standpoint of somebody who has never been to a high school in Dubai, this time, we get some first-hand experience that describes exactly this interesting dynamic to break it down and tell about what it’s really like.

If you follow along in the video below from the VINWiki YouTube Channel, you might just be able to get a grasp on what higher living is like in Dubai, especially how it trickles down to the high school parking lot. Amongst a collection of stories here, we have to say that our favorite might be the dad who decided to buy three separate Rolls-Royces just because his kids couldn’t stop arguing over who got to sit shotgun.