How Long Will a Piston Last After Being JB Welded?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Using JB Weld is one of those things that you most certainly don’t want to do too often. While the concoction most certainly does have a time and a place to be used and probably does carry out a job pretty well in some peoples’ eyes, you most certainly don’t want to use it in an area that experiences intense pressure or heat.

This time, however, in a purely experimental nature, this mechanically inclined individual decided to create a piston crown for his lawnmower using nothing other than JB Weld. No, it’s not holding together two separate pieces of metal like it was intended to, but instead, creates the entire crown on its own.

This little experiment should be an interesting one to say the least as the lawnmower fires up and begins to run. You almost expect it to die out as soon as the video gets rolling but, it turns out that the mower ends up running for a lot longer than you might have originally anticipated.

Now, I’m not saying that you should try this at home because my more likely than not, it will end up falling apart and destroying your engine if you run it for much longer than the man in the video did but we have to admit that it really stood up to the situation a lot better than most would have given it credit for!