How Much Does It Cost To Live on a Boat???

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/17/2021

While most look at boats as leisurely machines to have fun on during the weekends, a lot of us who have been around the water have probably stopped and thought what exactly it would cost to live on a boat if it should be large enough. On the surface of the idea, it might seem like an extravagant expense because living on a boat seems like something that would create all sorts of different challenges that would end up costing a lot of money but this time, we catch up with a couple of people who break down exactly what it costs them to live on their vessel and it isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Now, the first thing that they mention is the idea of that the cost will be a little bit different for anybody that depending on what kind of boat you have, what you like to do, and what your standard of living is. This kind of gives hand in hand with land-living because as you know, you could buy a big house, a small house, or even forgo the house altogether in favor an apartment. Depending on your tastes and how much electricity and water you use could make your monthly bill go from something as cheap as maybe $1,000 a month all the way up to the sky and beyond.

In this one, we get to hear all about these folks’ lifestyle and how they manage to stay afloat for a right around the $1000 mark each month along with what could make that number fluctuate. If living on a boat has been your dream all along and you thought it was going to be super expensive, then this video might just debunk that myth for you. For someone who wants to have an adventurous lifestyle and travel all around, this might be the perfect means to go about doing just that! After checking out the video below that gives you the rundown on what life on the water is all about, be sure to tell us if this is something that you would want to tackle for yourself.