How to Inform an Officer That You Are Carrying a Handgun and Live!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you want to really push the hot button these days, talking about guns is definitely a way to get the room arguing with one another. At the end of the day, there will probably never be complete agreement between both sides but if you do choose to use a gun, there are some precautions that you might want to make sure that you take.

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One example of one of these precautions is, if you get in a scenario where you happen to be pulled over and are in possession of your firearm, you want to know exactly how to go about’s communicating with the police officer as to what’s going on inside of the car and why everything should go smoothly to make him or her feel safe.

This time, we get an in-depth video that offers up just a couple of tips that might be good ways to act if you should find yourself in such a situation. If you aren’t careful in a situation like this, things can escalate in a direction that nobody really wants to go.

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Check out the video down below that gives us a couple of handy ideas for gun safety that might be worth taking a look at. As always, it’s always best to make sure that you do your own research and not take videos like this as gospel but this doesn’t look like a bad place to get started!