How to Infuriate a Ferrari Purist: Turning a Ferrari 599 into a Drift Missile

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you think about some of the amazing cars that you might find at various meets today, something like a Ferrari 599 might be a machine that would stick out to you. Ferrari, as always, has been known for their craftsmanship and well put together machines that strive to be second to none along with their tendency to get angry with anyone who tries to modify them. With this brand, as with any other, not everybody is going to be in love with them, however, I think that anybody who has any sort of familiarity with the car scene can really appreciate what you get when you purchase an automobile like this.

On the flipside of that coin, for those of us who like extensively modifying cars, it might be difficult to do it to a car like a Ferrari 599. Most people who purchase Ferraris choose instead to leave them in their factory format and simply drive them from show to show while maintaining their factory luster. There’s nothing wrong with that but when you want a purpose-built racing machine and didn’t start out with one, well, you could see where the dilemma might lie. As it turns out, while it might be difficult to cut into a car like this, making all the pieces come together in just the right way to support a drifting habit is even more difficult.

If you follow along with the wonderful video below from the VINWiki YouTube channel, you’ll be able to catch up with a professional drifter, Federico Sceriffo, as he details the process behind taking such a car that’s held in high regard, chopping it up, and turning it into a drift missile.

This is one where you might want to break out your notepad because it’s not every day that such an expensive car is converted into a vehicle that’s designed to be put in such peril on a regular basis. There is a reason why most people who get into drifting choose a platform that’s inexpensive, after all.