How to lose your license in just 22 seconds

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

If you’re a fan of, you know, keeping your license, there are a certain set of circumstances that you might not want to find yourself in and we would venture that we could add this one to the list.

We’re not really sure what’s up with the crowd but what we can decipher is that this motorcycle rider surely likes putting on a show for them, ripping by the crowd with reckless abandon, pulling off a wheeling with a police tail.

We watch on as the rider rips by on one wheel while lights and sirens are blasting behind him with a variety of onlookers checking out the display in awe.

Check out the video below that shows it all going down. Do you think that this guy was able to escape his tail and hold on to his license? Maybe he didn’t even have one in the first place!