How to Properly Start a Bonfire With a Flame Throwing Bike!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Who doesn’t want to try this trick at their next party???

What better way to impress your friends while prompting eyerolls from every female within 200 yards at the same time than by rigging up a classic bicycle frame with a propane tank and a flamethrower on the back, and using said bike to ignite the bonfire.

This guy has done just that, though looking at his hat, we aren’t sure there will be any females around to roll their eyes. Regardless, his bicycle flamethrower does the trick of lighting the bonfire very effectively, needing just a small burst of propane to send a massive fireball leaping from the bike’s tail end to the pile of wood 10 feet or so away. The spectacle of the whole thing is crazy, which is half the reason anybody would build a contraption like this anyway!

With the cooler weather its time for more bonfires. Of course we have to light them in the most crazy way ever. Watch as Marcel shows us how to light a bonfire with a flame throwin bicycle without spilling his drink. Then head over to to pick up something cool for yourself. #speedcult #flamethrower

Posted by SPEEDCULT DETROIT on Friday, September 9, 2016