How to Remove a Broken Screw

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Sometimes, when it comes to being handy around the house, there might be situations that leave you wondering how to solve them with no clear answer in sight. For example, if you come across a screw that has been stripped out, it can be a pretty big pain to get removed.

This time, we check out someone who has the solution to getting a screw with no head out of its hole and the answer is a lot simpler than you might think and it doesn’t even require any kind of special tools to extract from its current resting place.

Check out the video below that uses nothing more than a thin piece of rubber to remove a screw that’s buried in deep and impossible to get removed with a simple screwdriver on its own. What do you think of this basic method to help out with a stripped out screw?