How West Texas Uses And Abuses Show Trucks

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Depending on the part of the country or the world that we find ourselves in, automotive culture can be vastly different. For example, here in the United States, Texas might just have the biggest truck scene in the country. Sure, trucks might have a following in other areas, too. However, we look to Texas for a scene that is overrun by trucks of all different shapes and sizes. The way that they put their trucks to use might just be a little bit different, too. In this case, it’s something that we can’t help but stop and stare at.

One would probably think that top-of-the-line trucks outfitted with high dollar wheels would be reserved for mall parking lots. The term “mall crawler” might’ve been invented to be derogatory toward this group, but we can’t say we blame them! Taking high dollar applications off-roading is a good way to end up costing yourself some money.

We’re not sure if the group pictured in this Salinas Photography video feature represents all of Texas or not. However, these guys are putting their high-end applications to use. Representing the latest offerings from both Ford and General Motors, this group is getting down and dirty. Not only are the show quality rigs fitted with high-end wheels but they have they’ve been transformed to take on welding as well!

Follow along with the video below as the trucks that dreams are made of take on pipeline welding. Sometimes, this might mean taking a trip off of the beaten path just a little bit! This crew isn’t scared of a couple of rock chips here and there. In fact, it looks like they almost welcome the grime! Better them than us. Personally, I’d most likely be a nervous truck hounding on my truck like that!