Here's Why the Hummer H1 Alpha is the Ultimate $200,000 Off-Roader

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

There are certain vehicles out there that really captivate the imagination. With something like the Hummer H1, we were given something a bit different from General Motors. It almost seems like the people behind it had a different thought process when they released it to the general public. If somebody would buy something as impractical as a Chevrolet Corvette to have fun in, why couldn’t that thought process apply to the world of the SUV? This is when the consumer version of the Hummer was born. It most definitely has been a wild ride.

The Hummer certainly didn’t have an easy rise to popularity. The first couple of renditions, in fact, were widely regarded as rather lackluster for a couple of reasons. It always seemed as if GM couldn’t quite pin down the proper power source. The Humer would either be not powerful enough or not reliable enough. However, the brand would eventually hit their marks and the Hummer would find some traction. The answer was Duramax diesel power.

This time, we join in with Doug DeMuro as he takes us inside the Hummer H1 Alpha. According to Doug, many would consider this to be the ultimate off-roading machine but it comes at a cost. This particular example has really gathered some momentum as of late. These Hummers can be seen going for around $200,000, in fact. What is it, though, that makes them so sought after?

Down the video below, Doug tries to answer that question. In this one, he gives us the full rundown of the vehicle, diving inside all of the intricacies that really make it unique. In the automotive landscape, this is kind of a weird vehicle to find a place for. If there’s anyone that we know can explain best, though, it’s Doug DeMuro.