Hydroplane Boats Taking Turns At Over 100+MPH Looks Sketchy!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

For many of us, we spend lots of time, money, and effort, in the name of an adrenaline rush that will provide a thrill that has our veins coursing with excitement. For some of us, in this area, our tolerance level is a little bit higher than others, however, for those of the highest echelon of adrenaline tolerance, only something like this will do. Personally, even as somebody who has been in quite a few high adrenaline filled racing situations, something like this gets me going even from this side of the screen! It’s pretty amazing to watch as these guys exhibit some insane confidence as they blast through the water.

There aren’t too many people who would have the guts to remain on board when speeds on the water reach around the hundred mile per hour mark. After all, they do say that what you feel on the water is somewhere near twice your actual speed. If you follow that logic, it would feel as if these hydroplanes slicing through the abyss at nearly 200 mph. On top of all of that speed, these guys aren’t just keeping going straight but instead are carving around as they turn in and out of the water, and of course, catch a little bit of air as the wake isn’t completely smooth.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to join the scene of the action thanks to a camera strapped on one of these insane machines. At first, it starts a little bit slow but you definitely get a chance to enjoy the roar of the engines of these things as they lope away and before long, when the throttle drops, you get to watch them skating all around, exchanging position as they really kick things up to a whole new level.

Rear view from #GP57 Hydroplane – NZ Series

Rear view from #GP57 Hydroplane – NZ Series Turn Up The Volume!Video Credits: Olivia van Deursen

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