Mix Idiots with Muscle Cars and get COPS!

Posted by: Joe Conlin on 11/18/2021

Combine Idiots with Muscle Cars and get COPS!

When some Ford Mustang vs Pontiac GTO smack talking went too far, the car’s owners decided that enough was enough and a burnout contest would go down right in the Mustang owner’s driveway!

It’s not really clear as to why this contest couldn’t be taken to the local drag strip, but who are we to interject in this brand vs brand rivalry?

They were off to the races in one of the most awkward burnout displays that we’ve ever seen and apparently, the neighbors agreed as someone was unhappy with the shenanigans and rang up the local authorities.

Check out the throwback BigKleib34 video below as an LS2 powered Goat goes head to head with a quite redneck looking one tire fire Ford Mustang owner and the cops show up to disperse this party.

This Mustang launches in reverse, but comes back for the win!

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 2.16.32 AM