If You're Buying a Car, Shouldn't You be Able to Pronounce the Name?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes to the names that have been the most popular around social media so far this year, it’s a truly unfortunate truth that somehow, Danielle Bregoli, otherwise known as the “Catch Me Outside Girl,” has been one of the most talked about. It really goes to show that pretty much anybody can make money these days if they happen to be in the right place at the right time with something as simple as a catch phrase and nothing more.

Since her rise to fame, Danielle has been involved in more than her fair share of scandals ranging from lawsuits to fights and everything in between. The latest scandal is a lawsuit that has this unfortunate icon suing a video game company for violating her trademark, a lawsuit that’s said to be worth a cool million dollars.

Now, the point of the story here isn’t that she is suing the company because that seems to be old news, but rather the fact that she hasn’t even been around long enough to get the drivers license and she’s buying a car that she has yet to figure out how to pronounce. Literally everything that comes out of this poor girl’s mouth just adds to that persona that has taken her to the top. I think this has gone on long enough and maybe someone should call child protective services in here….again.

The video below takes you on the scene as Danielle told reporters all about how she’s about to buy a Porsche Panamera, presumably, as one of the fruits of all of the momentum that she has built up. This rise to the public eye is something that most of us question but one thing is for sure, this giant pile of crash and burn is something that nobody can manage to look away from.