Illinois police officer jumps off police boat to save a runaway boat

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

While you’re sitting around and working your everyday job, there are people out there who are doing things that are nothing short of amazing.

This time, we check out a police officer in the line of duty as his squad gets the call to stop a boat on Lake Zurich that, for some reason or another, has voided itself of a driver.

Now, we aren’t exactly sure that there is a protocol designed for a situation like this as it is quite unique, but in any case, this officer quite literally jumps into action, leaping from the police boat to the boat without a driver.

If this guy wasn’t the biggest badass in the police station for at least that day, we would love to see the officer who was. This sequence is nothing short of something that you would see an action movie!