In-Car With Kenny Hubbard's Big Block X275 Chevy NOVA!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Whether or not nitrous is the best power adder is debatable, but the fact that it can make cars do some pretty kick ass things most certainly is not. When you combine nitrous with a big block and stick it in something as radical as this Chevy Nova that’s spec’d out for X275 racing, well, let’s just say that you’re on your way to a good time as that sweet sound bellows from the exhaust of a beast like this while it manages to lay out some major RPM while making its way down the eighth mile to some impressive time.

In this one, thanks to TheRacingVids on YouTube, we’re able to watch Kenny Hubbard work his magic from every angle, including in the cockpit as he really hammers down here and has his way with the racing surface, proving that this thing means business by making it clock off an impressive mid 4.49-second pass in the eighth mile that’s accompanied by a trap speed that nearly reaches out an touches 160mph. That’s certainly rolling out, if we do say so ourselves, almost to the point where this nitrous infused machine becomes a blur out there while making its way down the lanes at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Get the up close and personal with this beast down in the video below as you get the chance to see every last aspect of the pass, inside and out, so that you can really appreciate this beast of a ride for all that it has to offer. After seeing something like this, we can’t promise that you’ll leave unscathed because we get this funny feeling that you’re going to get hit with that need for speed to head out to check out some racing now that the season is coming around strong!