Insane Hayabusa Powered Samurai Buggy Goes All OUT!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Being as well connected as we are to the off road community, we’ve seen our share of wicked rock crawlers and other off road rigs, but this one takes things in a completely new direction and we have to say this thing is way cool!

At first glance, this looks like a custom tube-chassis creation, but upon closer inspection, it’s actually built around a Suzuki Samurai frame and still has quite a bit of the Samurai intact. Owner Austin Witherow decided to add the full tube cage and chassis for looks and reliability, making the Samurai much more durable than in stock form.

The real feature of the build is the drivetrain, though, which is anchored by a Suzuki Hayabusa engine mated to a Toyota transmission with Toyota axles and bolted to a set of massive 37” tires. The engine is mated to the transmission via a custom shorty driveshaft, just one of many custom touches that make this one of the coolest off road rigs out there.

This thing sounds as awesome as it looks too, with the ‘Busa engine screaming at 5-digit RPM levels that pierces through the trees to let everybody in the immediate vicinity know that Austin is on the property and looking to put on a show. Check out this video from our brothers over at Busted Knuckle Video, who hit all the big off road events and capture all the action.