INSANE Jet Powered Go Kart! NO HE DIDN'T!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

INSANE Jet Powered Go Kart! NO HE DIDN’T!

Does a traditional combustion engine no longer excite you? The handyman behind this go-kart might have just found the project to end all projects when it comes to pint-sized builds

Instead of utilizing a wimpy little engine, this kart is powered by a jet engine! This is that build that we’ve all dreamt of doing, but nobody ever possessed the know-how to pull off.

Check out the video below as the kart is started and we’re given a flyby. We’re dying to see this thing operate at wide open throttle, this teaser is too much to bear!

The jet engines don’t stop here. Check out this Chevrolet C10 powered by a jet engine!

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