Insane Street Racing - Porsche 918 Spyder, Turbo K20 NSX, Turbo Busa, 1JZ BMW, ACR Viper, Supra

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Racing comes in all different shapes and forms and one of the beautiful parts of it is that no matter what kind of racing you’re talking about, there are all kinds of different cars that will be able to step up to the plate and be competitive with one another, allowing you to see just how certain matchups managed to unfold and allowing dreams to come to life.

This time, the guys over at That Racing Channel bring us the action, throwing a whole variety of impressive cars our way As they go head-to-head, getting themselves wrapped up in a whole variety of roll racing that will most certainly demand your attention as these animals of all different shapes and sizes try one another out.

With this combination of cars, we aren’t looking at your run-of-the-mill horsepower monsters either. Sure, some of the tried-and-true show up here, but we also get the chance to check out some rather unique rides like a BMW powered by a 1jz and even an Acura NSX that makes over 1000 hp!

Ride along with a series of races down in the video below as these interesting combinations come to life. Be sure to tell us which of this group you found to be your favorite. Some of these things are really heavy hitters that you can’t help but see how they with the attention of everyone within an earshot.