Inside Source Spills the Beans on How Han is Returning to Fast & Furious 9

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

At this point, the Fast and Furious franchise comes at us so quickly and in so many different directions that it can be hard to follow. Sometimes, we feel like we need a roadmap to keep up with all of the plot points. Furthermore, it takes a little bit of belief in Hollywood magic to make some of the storylines make sense.

Even past the crazy CGI and physically impossible stunts, the universe takes on some pretty bizarre concepts. Saying they’ve taken some creative liberties would be putting it lightly. The perfect example of this is how the series has a way of making its viewers think that certain characters passed away when they didn’t. In the single example, this concept has been followed up by a far-fetched storyline that brings Letty “Back to life.”

We saw this in the past when the character seemed to perish in an ugly accident. This was followed up by her joining forces with the enemy due to a case of amnesia. However, with some strong convincing, Toretto was able to win her back. We’re no neuroscientists but we don’t think that’s exactly how it works.

Like we said: creative liberties.

It seems as if a similar storytelling mechanism will be used in the next upcoming Fast and Furious flick. In the trailer for Fast & Furious 9, it appears as if Han Lue that we know from Tokyo Drift will make a return. For those who don’t remember, much like Letty, Han would appear to have passed after being trapped in a fiery car after an accident. Much like Letty, the car was upside down the last time that we saw the character.

Instead of using amnesia as a trope, here, Han will seem to come back into the fold with a little bit more believable story. Inside sources say that he simply escaped from the wreck and has been laying under the radar. By following along with the video below from Looper, we get the full rundown on what could be going on.

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned here it’s to never count someone out of the Furious Universe. Even if they’re “dead,” they could always make a comeback.