Inside The Secret Garage Of A Brooklyn Car Collectors 65 Car Garage

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/18/2021

Lenny Shiller owns what he calls the world’s biggest playpen. And at 12,300 square feet, we aren’t going to argue with him! Shiller, the owner of Lenny’s Garage in Brooklyn, has amassed quite the collection of cars, and don’t expect to see your typical Camaro’s, Mustangs, or Barracudas in this bunch. Instead, Lenny is fond of collecting cars of a lesser-known variety – Nashes, Packards and Hudsons, for example – that are certainly rarer, but also more interesting than what you might find in a typical collection of almost 70 cars.

Lenny’s assortment started innocently enough as a collection of six cars in 1986, but has grown to total 65 today. The original goal Shiller had in mind was collection at least one car from each year between 1936 and 1958. Those years weren’t chosen at random either; Lenny’s grandmother drove a 1936 Chevrolet and Lenny simply isn’t a fan of cars with big fins that became commonplace in 1958. While he doesn’t go into deep detail about any of the cars in particular, any fan of classic automotive iron will enjoy the sweeping views of the garage and the many manufacturers and eras represented.

Lenny does give us a closer look and a little backstory on a couple of his cars, a 1953 Jaguar roadster that was actually given to him, and a 1979 Checker taxi that was one of only 16 still in use when he bought it in 1991. With his collection growing at a rate of two new vintage rides per year, we hope to see some more from Lenny’s garage in the coming years as his amazing collection continues to expand.