Is This Monster Ford Dually The New King of Tug-of-War?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes down to how the big boys play with their massive toys in the mud, you can expect to see some of the strongest machines out there on the going back-to-back, throwing everything that they’ve got into being the most dominant out there on the tug-of-war pad. It might seem to be an easy feat to take

It might seem to be an easy feat to take home victory, but trust me when I say that something like this is easier said than done. It really takes a well put together setup with lots of power, weight, and a keen ability to gather traction.

Triple-X Tells us that “Since the debut of James’ massive Platinum dually, a GIANT amount of hype has been mounting about who the king of the tug pad would now be. Circumstances aligned just right for all the heavy hitters from states across the US to meet at Brick’s Off-Road during Trucks Gone Wild weekend to see who would prevail as king of the tug pad.”

As we see here, the Ford Platinum wouldn’t take home victory in every battle that it came up against, but after seeing win after win, I think that the majority of people on the scene would agree that the truck did well enough to go home with the overall victory.

As you can see, the truck isn’t built to just be different and turn heads but it’s also made to go to war and come out on top as well! I guess that you can say that this machine is one well-rounded powerhouse of a build.

Watching it in action is nothing short of a special occasion that you have got to turn in to see in order to believe! Be sure to follow along in the Triple-X Motorsports flick below to see how it all goes down when push comes to shove for this machine.