Is This The Fastest SUV on the Planet? Antron Brown's DragQuoia

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

A few years back, Antron Brown decided to build a badass ride to demonstrate how he would take his family racing. As part of the Toyota Racing Dream Build Challenge, the driver of the Matco Tools top fuel dragster envisioned this low-slung, supercharged beast and commissioned Motorsports Technical Center to bring his vision to life, and we have to say they did a pretty spectacular job.

The build, which started life as a stock Sequoia that was modified to the state you see in the clip below, features some of the coolest touches we’ve ever seen for a family ride. The obvious place to start is the body, which has been lowered and outfitted with custom aerodynamic additions to make the bulky Toyota a little more slippery. The custom front air dam keeps air flowing around the SUV, not under it, while a trick rear wing adds downforce to the drag radials bolted to the Weld Racing wheels. Topping it all off, a gorgeous Matco Tools-themed paint job.

Under the hood is a 5.7 liter Toyota engine, the same one found in the Sequoia from the factory, with one major modification: an intercooler TRD supercharger. With air being crammed in forcefully by the blower, the engine cranks out over 650 horsepower and propels the Dragquoia through the quarter mile in 9.5 seconds. A large part of that quarter mile performance is the 1,600 pounds that have been removed from the bulky stock configuration. The family-sized cockpit features a grouping of racing seats, including one tiny one for the smaller passengers that may be strapping in for a ride, each outfitted with racing harnesses. The whole thing is surrounded by a full roll cage that keeps everybody safe. The clip below shows the SUV’s maiden voyage, and while it sounds a little sluggish, rest assured the build team got the engine tuned up and cranking out more than enough power to get the kids to school, no matter how long they spend fighting over the bathroom in the morning.