James May Roasts Top Automotive YouTube Influencers' Cars

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

With the way of the internet today, it’s easier than ever for somebody to become the next big thing. Whether they’re a musician, an actor, or something like a news presenter, the platform is there. All that someone really needs to do is record a video and upload it. All it takes is one video to go viral for someone to become a sensation.

Because of this, we’re watching the next generation of automotive presenters come to life. Slightly before YouTube exploded, the most popular automotive show the world was probably Top Gear. Show us a gearhead that doesn’t know about the program and we’ll show you someone who isn’t actually a gearhead.

Not many other shows come to mind that managed to last for 22 seasons in the automotive space or otherwise. In fact, Top Gear might’ve even stood to transcend the automotive community. The show seemed to gain the coveted general interest of people who wouldn’t even consider themselves car fans.

Anyone who followed the show likely knows of a controversial incident that led to Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond starting up their very own show in The Grand Tour.

In any case, these guys are essentially the OGs of automotive content. We can’t help but wonder what they think of the new age. After all, the way that car content is showcased on YouTube is an all-new beast. Before the platform made this sort of presentation monetizable and accessible, there wasn’t much quite like it.

This time, we get a small taste of what James May thinks of the way that automotive YouTube is being operated. In this one, he checks out a couple of vehicles of some of the more popular automotive YouTubers and takes the opportunity to roast them. From the sound of things, it actually seems as if May has a great deal of respect for the way that some of these YouTube users conduct their channels.