Jeep SRT Sounds Brutal ON This Full Throttle Launch!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has undergone a pretty significant overhaul over the past couple of generations from a solid soccer-mom ride – admittedly one fo the cooler ones, though – to a legit badass ride, especially if you take into consideration that there has been drastic shift in focus from comfort and cushy-ness to appearance and performance.

The SRT8 models brought the Grand Cherokee up to par with the most fun-to-drive SUV’s on the planet, and now the SRT team has dropped the heralded 6.2 liter HEMI V8 from the insanely powerful Hellcat into an all-wheel drive Grand Cherokee labelled the Trackhawk, and it’s taken its place among the quickest production SUV’s on the planet. In fact, only one SUV has laid down a quicker recorded elapsed time on the quarter mile, Tesla’s world-beating Model X.

With an insane 840 horsepower on tap and all four wheels digging at the asphalt, this ride is quite literally perfect for stoplight-to-stoplight bashing on any car that might roll up in the next lane. As you can see in this short 10 second clip, the Trackhawk hits the tires hard and tears at the asphalt, sending the sizable SUV down the track in very short order.

I don’t know if this Trackhawk is stock or if it’s been modified, but it sounds like it taps the rev limiter a couple of times in second gear, and it hops a little bit at the drop of the throttle, meaning the suspension is a little soft for track use. Of course, that’s to be expected of a family hauler, even if it is one with a ton of power on tap.

While a little stiffer suspension and tweaking the tune would help extract every ounce of performance on the track, but would cost the occupants a little comfort for daily use.

Of course, if I was daily-driving an 707 HP Jeep, I’m not entirely sure I would be at all concerned with the ride comfort…

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