Jeff Lutz Unveils His Brand New No Prep Race Car For 2020

Posted by: Randy Zebraman on 11/16/2021

Jeff Lutz has been playing the hide and seek game ever since he unveiled the plans to build a new car specifically for the No Prep Kings series. Lutz, a chassis builder from Pittsburgh and his son Jeffrey have built some of the baddest street cars on the planet over the years. So it’s no surprise they have done it yet again.

Many may know Jeff from his multiple trips to Hot Rod’s Drag Week in his all-steel ’57 Chevy or his newer version he ran on a couple of Drag Week adventures that featured a composite body and more “Race car” approach to being the baddest around. Some may know him from making “Mad Max” his twin-turbo pro mod that won a lot of NMCA races over the years, or even his latest creation the Yellow ’57 that hit the streets of Oklahoma City.

Lutz has struggled to really get his latest creation to work on the no-prep scene, but that’s not as shocking as it sounds. The car is built for street racing, and chassis designed to work on an entirely different surface and set of rules than what he would see at the track for each No Prep Kings event.

Details of this new build were slim to none with everyone keeping a pretty tight lip about it even though many people had already seen the car, and some looked it over to make sure it fit the rules. The first detail we now know is that the car is a factory bodied 2006 GTO. Yes, factory bodied. Not another car with steel panels glued over a carbon fiber or fiberglass body, and now we know this is the same drivetrain that set the record for the fastest street-legal car in the world. His signature twin-turbo 540 cubic inch big block Chevrolet. We also learned that this combo will not have a radiator (pictures show this) and will be dedicated to no-prep racing.

One major advantage of this car over The ‘57 will be the aerodynamics of it compared to the aerodynamic brick that the ‘57 is. Another great advantage Jeff will see is the ability to set his weight distribution as the no-prep scene you want a more 50/50 weight bias, and this car weighed in at just under 2400lbs with Jeff in it meaning he can put the extra weight wherever he wants

Time will tell how well this combination will work, but with the racing season set to kick off here soon, we’re sure we’ll see plenty of this car testing at the track and getting ready to kick butt and take names in the no prep world.

Going live now to unveil the new No Prep Kings car

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