Jeg Coughlin Wins in Pomona, Erica Enders Takes Home 3rd Pro Stock World Championship

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

When it comes down to the wire, sometimes, strategy needs to be mixed in with driving ability. Only perfect execution will allow a competitor to become number one. In Pomona, we got all that and a bag of chips as things got a bit turbulent. Erica Enders would surge to victory, though, as her hard work set up the chips to fall in the right position.

The NHRA set the stage, saying “All eyes laid on Enders and Anderson in the first round. Anderson strategically qualified in the 15th position to book a matchup with Enders so he could give his K.B. Racing teammates Jason Line and Bo Butner a fighting chance to win the Pro Stock title. He did everything perfectly, even leaving a thousandth of a second before Enders in the opening stanza.”

Enders would end up coming around Anderson with a .004 margin. It was at this point that a second-round victory would secure her team the championship. As we see in the footage below, she was able to do just that without any drama as the car made a straight shot for the finish line.

The year didn’t start so great for Enders as she would slide in the standings. After a tough start, though, runner-up finishes in Brainerd and Indy would help her upward mobility. She’d continue to her first win of the season during the Countdown event in St. Louis. This would be repeated at the Dodge NHRA Nationals in Las Vegas.

With the sealed deal in Pomona, Enders would become a three-time world champion in Pro Stock. Following the win, Erica would go on to talk a little bit about the challenges of the season and what each championship means. As it turns out, through her evolution, each title is a bit different feeling for her.

Pomona showcased a lot of drama as Enders managed to ink her third championship in the record books. That wasn’t where the drama would end, though. There was still a race to be won and Jeg Coughlin Jr. would step into the position to win.

As far as the wrap up of the event in Pomona, the Elite Motorsports wouldn’t end with just the championship. In addition, Coughlin Jr. would take home second in points with a win in Pomona. The video below shows the fashion in which he took down the final round!

That Wally is going to look mighty good in his trophy case.