Jetboating The Godley River in New Zealand Looks Insanely Fun!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

It’s rare you find a hobby that can be simultaneously exciting and relaxing, but it looks like jetboating just might be one of those hobbies. The video below is nothing more than 10 minutes of relaxcitement – yes, I just made that a word, now go use it – featuring a pilot’s eye view of a trip up New Zealand’s Godley River.

Jetboats, for those who aren’t familiar with the term, are vessels that are propelled by a jet of water that is forced out of the rear of the boat, hence the name. This design allows them to be operated in shallow water where a traditional propeller would be damaged from striking rocks and other debris.

While most jet boats are small and highly maneuverable like the one we see in this video, there are some massive jet-driven boats in use around the world, mostly high-speed ferries and even some military vessels. You may have seen some jet boats pulling off some crazy stunts in videos from various rivers around the world, where experienced pilots have learned to push their craft to the limits, slinging passengers around like a carnival ride.

This guy is taking things at a more leisurely pace, opting instead to cruise up the river and just enjoy the beautiful New Zealand countryside. He stops a couple of times to take in the scenery and stretch his legs, then returns to his small vessel to continue his trek upstream.

He eventually comes to the end of the stream, at least as far as can be traveled by boat, so he turns around and heads back to the launch site and loads up to head home. If you ever have a chance to take a ride in one of these, we recommend you give it a try, they’re definitely a lot of fun!