Jetski Gets Sent! He Jumped Right Over the Road With It!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you have just the right mindset and enough toys at your disposal, you can make a lot of amazing things happen. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you try this one at home, however, it looks like these guys are having an absolute blast as they take a conventional jet ski and do some pretty unconventional things with it. I’m pretty sure that this machine wasn’t exactly designed to go above and beyond the way that these guys push it, however, it certainly serves the purpose well and they have the video to prove it!

You see, this group of guys had some really big ideas for how exactly they were going to thrash this ski. As if taking it out of the water on a jump wasn’t enough, the crew here decided that they wouldn’t simply be jumping into the air over the water but instead, taking the jet ski over an entire road before plopping down on the other side and hopefully landing in the drink once again. There’s definitely a lot of chance for something to go wrong here but it looks like these guys have their minds set on making such a maneuver come to life.

Follow along down in the video below as ExtremeATVOffroad cameras follow the moment as that another YouTuber in Ostacruiser really goes above and beyond in the name of putting on a display that can make some magic happen. With a display like this, there’s really no telling what’s going to happen as you should keep your eyes peeled and watch the mean machine launches out of the water and makes quite a splash! After watching this one, you can’t help to get a little pump of adrenaline as this display really knocked it out of the park.