Joe Rogan's LS Swapped Toyota Land Cruiser Makes us Like Him Even More

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

If we were to name the most influential people of today, Joe Rogan would have to be in the mix. Rogan seems to offer up what many others have missed the mark on. As one of the biggest, if not the biggest name in podcasting, he has found a way to entertain the masses all while they learn something. This even includes talking about politics without polarizing too many people. Rogan has gained a massive following because of his thirst for knowledge without any sort of agenda.

Furthermore, we learn that Joe has quite the passion for cars. As he has put together quite an illustrious career for himself, we’re sure that he has more than enough money to pick out a couple of toys of his choosing. Joe has spoken, on his podcasts, about his love of Porsche. As it turns out, though, he also has quite the fondness for the off-road machine as well.

One of the vehicles in his collection that sticks out to us is none other than a 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser. If this seems like something that’s a little bit too normal, think again. In order to get the SUV up to spec, Rogan would send it over to his friends at Icon 4×4. From there, Icon would take over and completely overhaul the old import.

From top to bottom, they would provide suspension, wheels and tires, and even an engine swap. At the heart of this beast, we find none other than a supercharged LSA engine creating 560 horsepower. As our host here puts it, these older Land Cruisers have quite the appeal. However, as their engines become tired over time, a swap like this just makes so much sense.

By following along with the video below, we get to see the completely tricked out Toyota that you might just see Joe Rogan wheeling around in. Something like this doesn’t scream “Hollywood” at all. For that, we can’t help but add this machine to the list of things that make Joe Rogan awesome!