John Cena vs Ford Legal Fight Broken Down

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If there something that’s more complicated than most think that it should be, we can turn to the law for exactly that dynamic. There are many loopholes and nuances within the law that can be twisted and turned in one way or another to benefit each side of the story and therefore, people like lawyers have jobs. In fact, the law has gotten so complicated that at times, it’s difficult to even see who is in the right and wrong side of it all. It’s most certainly a phenomenon that has managed to take over our culture as we really do seem to be living in a sue-happy place these days.

One of the most recent popular lawsuits that everybody has been following in the automotive world’s has been that between Ford and John Cena over the likes of a Ford GT which Ford is insisting Cena had no right to sell via the contract that they engaged in and Cena simply sees it otherwise, saying that the paperwork should’ve been separate and the contract didn’t say anything of the sort.

Now, we aren’t necessarily siding with one side or the other here because, as the law goes, it seems like both of these parties have solid ground to stand on to the casual observer, however, if you ask Rob Ferretti about the whole Ford vs John Cena battle, it seems like he has it all figured out as the litigation continues.

If you check out the video below, Rob does the diligence of laying out some of the points that he has come across with this whole lawsuit so far as he attempts to come to a solution here. However, we’re not sure if this will clear it all up or perhaps confuse more folks across the board.

One thing for sure is that we will be keeping an eye on this one closely because this lawsuit definitely sets a precedent in the industry. While this is the first time that something like this has made major news, it’s definitely not anything that’s new at all as Ferrari has been known to try to contractually bind their customers to the car that they purchased and not follow up with litigation after having the contract broken.