Kamikaze makes first test hit in the Twin Turbo El Camino

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

It’s been over half a year since Street Outlaws star “Kamikaze” Chris Day revealed that he had decided to drop a bombshell on the world at the 2017 PRI show by revealing he’d made the swap from nitrous to twin turbo in the believed El Camino.

While Kamikaze did have the car at the show and it looked to casual observers to be ready to go, the car was not, in fact, race ready at that point. As is often the case with a drastic overhaul like swapping power adders, the process slows to a snail’s pace while waiting on parts, for example, or just getting the finishing touches all buttoned up. Or, as is the hold up for many of us, funding for the project runs out or gets “reallocated” to things that are “more important” like food and shelter.

Whatever the cause of the delay, it’s over now and the car is making its on-track debut at one of the biggest and most prestigious no prep races of the year, Outlaw Armageddon. No prep racers from all across the country have converged on the Noble, OK facility to duke it out for the money and bragging rights that come with winning OA, and for the first time, Kamikaze is looking to come into the race as a favorite to win instead of the dark horse or “spoiler”.

You can see in this video from National No Prep Racing that the car is not lacking for power at all, hitting the tires hard off the line before eventually losing traction down track, prompting Chris to lift out of the throttle. This is just a part of the learning curve for any combination, finding the areas where power can be added and the areas where it needs to be reduced to keep the tires hooked up and the car tracking straight, or as close to it as possible. Given a little more time and a few more passes, the ElCo should be sorted out and marching straight down broadway and likely going rounds against some of the biggest names in the no prep world this weekend!