Kawasaki Seven Cylinder 2 Stroke KH606 is Freaking Badass!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

One of the most beautiful things about the world of performance and engines is that no matter how long you look or how many different combinations you see, there is always something out there that you’ve yet to discover, something that might make you raise an eyebrow and think a little bit differently about what you’ve thought about engines all along as it takes everything that has been branded as “conventional” and flips it on its head, taking the game and changing the rules up just a bit.

This time, we check out something that falls into that category for the vast majority of people because we’re going to guess that even the most well-versed gearheads have probably never come across a motorcycle like the Kawasaki KH606. What’s so special about this bike? Well, one look at this thing will tell you that it isn’t a conventional motorcycle and when you look even closer, the unique traits continue to stick out like a sore thumb. This thing is truly one of a kind in so many ways!

The video below will take you on a tour that shows you exactly how the people behind this one took a big old 2-stroke power plant and managed to stick it in this bike. Furthermore, this isn’t any conventional 2-stroke because that wouldn’t be feature worthy. Instead, this 2-stroke monster is a 7 cylinder. We’re not given the opportunity to hear this beast roar in this video but take my word for it that the sound is something that’s truly one of a kind!

Check out the clip below that shows you the obscure motorcycle and be sure to tell us what you think of this two-wheeled wonder. This is really something that would make people stop and stare, stirring up conversations everywhere that you stop to take a break from the road!