KAYLA's New Steel Body MUSTANG

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Most of the world was introduced to Kayla Morton when she made her first appearance on Street Outlaws. While that particular introduction, which saw Kayla take a little offroad excursion in her fox body Mustang, wasn’t ideal, as time has gone on, we’ve learned that Kayla is a hell of a driver and basically wife goals for any gearhead out there (Don’t get too excited guys, she spoken for).

For years, we saw Kayla wheeling an S-197 bodied car with a tube chassis and a ProCharged big block Ford under the hood that was known to be a terror on both a prepped and unprepped racing surface. However, that car was recently retired and a new S-197 car was built, this one wearing a gorgeous coat of silver paint hiding another ProCharged BBF under the hood. Kayla debuted her new hotrod at the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings filming at Tulsa Raceway Park last weekend, where she laid down a couple of strong runs as captured by the cameras of Urban Hillbilly Videos.

The new car looks amazing, sounds insane, and runs like a champ, and with Kayla behind the wheel, the car should be a force to be reckoned with in the no prep world. You can see on these two passes just how hard the car hooks and how straight it runs down the track. While this was the season-ending event for the No Prep Kings series, if the show returns for another season, we expect Kayla to be a frontrunner for the season championship next year in her new ride.

As a side note, Kayla’s boyfriend Chris, known to the world as Boosted GT, also has a new big tire Mustang and will likely be pursuing the points championship as well, so we may see the birth of a family rivalry between the two of them.