Kid Fails Driving Test 5 Times in One Day!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Learning how to drive and taking your driving test is an exciting time for just about everybody. Getting behind the wheel of a car and going wherever the open road takes you is a major right of passage that most of us can remember the feeling of looking forward to. I remember how exactly I felt when I was finally able to get behind the wheel of whatever ride it was that I could get together enough money to purchase. For most of us, it might not have been much but it was the best feeling in the world!

This time, we check out a hidden camera situation as the nervousness that normally comes alongside a driving test is taken out of away from the student driver and placed right in the lap of the instructors here and to be honest, the situation that comes about, as a result, is pretty hilarious to watch! We have to admit that this prankster really got the instructors good because most of them really freaked out hard in response to what he did.

Now to get a prank rolling like this, you would probably have to think up what the worst thing would be that you could possibly do while taking a driving test.Taking on the test while acting distracted by a phone would be about the most fail-worthy action that this prankster could think up, so pull out his cell phone is exactly what this driver does as he focuses attention on just about anything that isn’t what he should be focusing on and the result is hilarious to watch.

Follow along with the situation down below that might just have you laughing uncontrollably. Some of these poor instructors really did lose their minds and you could see the fear in their eyes when they thought they were about to get into an accident thanks to this novice driver doesn’t really seem to care about what’s happening on the road. Each of them really took the situation differently but the level of freak out was pretty intense across-the-board.