Kid in Oklahoma gets caught doing 208 mph on the freeway after Evading

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

If you have a sports car in any capacity, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of the need to lay into the throttle and unleash some of the power under the hood every once in a while. Now, that is completely normal and most of us know the limits of what is safe but what this Oklahoma speeder did is completely out of the ballpark.


Not only was it reported that he was caught speeding but the amount over the speed limit that he was going’s really something incredible. The driver behind the wheel of what is being called a “highly modified Ford Mustang” was caught doing 208 mph on the freeway, according to Fox News.

Some are questioning the validity of this radar reading but as of now, the official statement from Fox still states that he was clocked at this heinous speed as he attempted and succeeded at evading authorities… at least he escaped the first car.

Police said that after evading the first group of officers and being clocked at 176 mph and 208 mph, another officer was able to intercept him and “The driver then pulled over, dropped his keys out of the window, and was arrested and later charged with reckless driving and felony eluding.”

He should have used one of these radar detectors!