King of the Hammers 360 VR Experience With Vaughn Gittin Jr: Chocolate Thunder

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If I say the name Vaughn Gittin Jr., the first thing that probably pops to mind is his insane RTR Ford Mustang and his wild abilities behind the wheel of it when he throws it in the drift event of your choosing. Gittin is most certainly a wild wheelman when it comes to going sideways.

Even though we can’t help but admire his abilities in his Mustang, there’s really no telling how he would do if he crossed over and took a stab at wheeling in the off-road community. Sure, the basic concept is probably the same but beyond that, we would think that just about everything is different.

Well, for better or for worse, Gittin headed out to Chocolate Thunder, the first ever climb that he’s ever done and took us along for the ride in 360° with a special camera that allows you to physically take a look around at the action as he makes his climb.

Check out the clip down below that showcases the experience and be sure to either use your finger or mouse to spin the camera or rotate your phone in a 360° motion to get the opportunity to look all around at King of the Hammers, one of the most intense rock bouncing events that you’ll ever lay eyes on.