This Kit Helicopter Can be Built and Flown From Your Driveway

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

When it comes to aviation, it seems like nothing is cheap.

The thought of being able to own a personal helicopter just doesn’t seem very feasible for most. Not only would somebody in this situation have to buy the helicopter in question. In addition, they would also need plenty of space to be able to operate it. Sometimes, this even means renting out space at a hangar.

However, for some enthusiasts, they make do with what they have.

In fact, there are certain examples of helicopters that don’t need all that much space to operate at all. Instead, these units can be operated from one’s own driveway. They even go so far as boasting the ability to be constructed in a conventional garage.

Don’t believe us?

This time, we take a ride with the A600 Talon.

The personal helicopter is a two-seater but apparently, the design is so simple and compact that it overcomes the normal expenses of the hobby. Don’t get us wrong, the helicopter itself isn’t the cheapest thing ever. In fact, the investment is somewhere in the $100,000 ballpark. However, that’s still a lot cheaper than what most other units would cost in addition to having the proper facilities to take care of them.

This isn’t the cheapest personal helicopter on the market, either. That’s somewhere we will leave you to your own devices to research, though.

By following along with the video below, we learn a little bit more about personal aviation. We aren’t necessarily aviation experts but it seems like the passionate enthusiast behind this video is able to dissect a couple of questions for us.

In this one, MojoGrip teaches us all about how personal aviation may just be a bit closer than we thought. One would be led to think that, as this technology progresses, this type of thing will be even more obtainable in the future. It leads us to wonder if maybe there’s a day coming where a personal helicopter will be as common as a cell phone.