Kye Kelley in The Shocker Wins Dirty South No Prep in Spectacular Fashion!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes to a no prep racing event, you’re pretty much always in for a good time. With this kind of racing, drivers and cars are put through such aggressive paces that they are really left to try and cling on to every last advantage that they can to take home victory. Normally, when this is the case, you will see your favorite drivers really reaching for the stars, pushing themselves further than you would normally expect them to as they will do anything and everything they possibly can to take home victory.

This time, we take a ride down to the Dirty South No Prep series to watch in on the action is Kye Kelley goes rounds, taking home the ultimate victory that comes prepackaged with a little bit of cash and the ultimate bragging rights as well. As he locked in with a whole variety of competitors, we get to see some pretty crazy races unfold that end with one great final shebang that really put the icing on the cake, allowing Kelley to take home the victory that he truly deserved after going through that group of cars. There’s a reason why cars like Kelley’s linger around the top and that’s because lots of hard work and time invested make them the best in the game, keeping them consistent even when the surface tries to force you not to be.

Follow along with the video down below from the National No Prep Racing Association as it takes you rounds, showing off the Shocker in its natural habitat as it knocks down opponent after opponent. If you want to step up to Kye and his evil Chevrolet Camaro, then you had better bring your A-game and then some because this is definitely a tough competitor who isn’t handing out easy victories to ANYBODY out there.