Kye Kelley "Shocker" vs The Godfather at Royal Purple Raceway

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Kye Kelley brought a new combination for The Shocker to Royal Purple Raceway, where he lined up with The Godfather Camaro, a fellow Street Outlaws New Orleans cast member. While Kye was the #1 man on the show, The Godfather is hardly a slouch and after this race, you can see why the list for the New Orleans show just might be mixed up a bit when they go back on the air.

After their burnouts, the pair of black Camaros back up in their sticky rubber and purge the nitrous to get ready for battle. They bump in carefully and stage, then the green lights drop and The Godfather jumped out to a pretty solid lead, only to see Kye ease back into the frame of the GoPro as they near the finish line. Despite the comeback effort from The Shocker, The Godfather would go on to take the win!

Look for these two to line up again soon, as close races like this almost always lead to follow-up races!