Kye Kelley Small Tires No Bars at No Mercy 7

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

When the best in the business rolled out for No Mercy 7, you’d better believe that Kye Kelly and the Shocker Chevrolet Camaro were in the house for some competition.

This time, we check out a little shakedown pass from the Shocker that reminds us of one of the reasons that we love this sport so much in the first place.

This nitrous riddled animal is a feat to be admired as it lifts the front wheels up with the candles lit and shows off all of that power that makes Kelly one of the fastest in the business.

Check out the video below that shows how this car gets down to business as Kelly makes magic in this eighth-mile pass. If this thing can keep the nose down, expect it to do some major damage!