Kyle Larson Grabs First Race Win Since Controversial iRacing Incident

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Back in 2018, Forbes estimated that up and coming NASCAR driver, Kyle Larson, had hauled in over $10 million. As one of the sport’s hottest up and comers, we’re sure that he has earned quite a bit more since then. However, in what could best be described as a major lapse in judgment, it would all come crashing down for Larson. These days, he’s racing for prize money that he would’ve made just by showing up to a NASCAR track.

Many would witness the cringeworthy moment as Larson spouted off a racial slur during a virtual NASCAR race. Since then, Larson had been fired by Chip Ganassi Racing and suspended indefinitely by NASCAR. Since the moment that the suspension came down, speculation has been running rampant. Most seem to think that he will make his way back to NASCAR competition in the long term future. It’s unclear how and when exactly that will be, though.

In the interim, Larson has found himself taking a couple of steps backward on the ladder. This past weekend, he would take his spot in the field World of Outlaws race Saturday night in Pevley, Missouri. The race would yield a win for Larson just a day after a second-place finish in a sprint car race.

His prize for winning at the World of Outlaws race would be a whopping $20,000. Sure, that might seem like a lot of money for a lot of people. However, it’s surely a fraction of the purse that was up for grabs at NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600 this past weekend. While NASCAR doesn’t officially list purses for their races, history gives us an idea of what it’s worth. In 2018, the winner would take home nearly $3 million.

Below, DB3 INC was on location after Larson’s most recent victory. In a post-race interview, Larson opened up about what has been happening.