Kyle Larson's Wife Shotgunned a Busch Tallboy at NASCAR Awards Show

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

When it comes to picking fan favorites, there are a lot of things that qualify a driver. To become a cornerstone NASCAR driver, it takes more than just driving ability. They may be loved for a variety of reasons. Perhaps, a “no holds barred” attitude behind the wheel can win over fans. Others gravitate toward drivers who are incredibly charismatic on camera but brutally competitive when it comes to race day.

When it comes to NASCAR drivers’ wives, though, we don’t generally hear too much about them. It’s an odd juxtaposition as they certainly can play an important role in their husbands’ success.

Over the weekend, though, we found that one NASCAR driver’s wife decided that she wanted to go viral again. Kyle Larson is quite the agreeable guy when it comes to fan opinions. Unlike some of his peers, there isn’t really that much of a controversial outlook on the driver. It turns out that his wife is helping to win over fans, too. As if Larson wasn’t already a likable guy, she’s certainly a cherry on top here.

What exactly did she do that was so special?

Earlier this year, Katelyn Larson was spotted in victory lane at Dover shotgunning a beer after her husband’s win. Pretty cool, right? Well, she’s at it again and the format is going to make plenty of fans cheer.

Picture this, you’re at a formal affair. It’s an awards show for a brand as big and respectable as NASCAR. Everybody is dressed up in tuxedos and the ladies have on formal gowns. Out of nowhere, though, Katelyn, in completely stunning formal attire, cracks open a can of Busch and slugs it in just a couple of seconds.

To follow along with the completely unsuspecting display, it was all captured and can be seen below.

Let’s just say that fans have been loving every second of it. The act might’ve even earned Kyle a couple of new fans.