LaFerrari Wrecks Minutes After Leaving Dealership!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

LaFerrari Wrecks Minutes After Leaving Dealership!

Before our comments section begins to spiral out of control, yes, we get it. This video most definitely looks like it was filmed with not only a potato, but a first generation potato. After you get past that, we think that the content it contains is worth the squint.

We can definitely understand that being behind the wheel of a Ferrari LaFerrari is an exciting experience, but learning to control that power is an even more satisfying part of the experience.

For this enthusiast, mashing the gas and losing that control got him into a world of trouble as the car that’s worth a touch over $1.4-million slides into a row of parked cars. That’s like ripping up as much cash than a lot of people will see in a lifetime of work!

Check out the video below and see the incident for yourself. This has to provide a sinking feeling as the damage is really hard to look at! Sources have even told us that this car was just minutes away from the dealership it was purchased at that day.