Land Speed Racer Crashes Bad At 370 MPH

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

The majority of people out there can’t even fathom what it’s like to travel at 200 mph. This driver that set out for a high speed run on the Bonneville Salt Flats that not only eclipsed that speed but managed to nearly double it while managing to get sideways and get tangled up in quite an incredible wreck in the process.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 9.54.59 AM

The onboard camera captures it all up as this incredible machine is piloted by George Poteet who managed to climb to an astounding 370 mph behind the wheel of his Speed Demon land speed car. It sounds like that would be a thrill that’s more than most humans are able to handle.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 9.56.27 AM

As Poteet was able to climb to these monumental speeds, his ride would end up going sideways, bringing all of its momentum to a halt when it would tumble over multiple times, really testing out all the safety equipment that has gone into place should a worst-case scenario like this come into focus.

Luckily, Poteet would be able to walk away uninjured, as reported by BangShift, but this is going to be a ride that he will most certainly never forget. It’s almost impossible to imagine the adrenaline rush that was flowing through George’s veins as this ride took a wild plot twist, leaving him to wonder if he would make it through alive or not. Being on the edge of life and death like that is something that very few will every get to experience.